5 Tips for Getting the Most out of the Facebook Ads System

5 Tips for Getting the Most out of the Facebook Ads System

With nearly 2 billion active users, Facebook is one of the largest social networks in the world. Facebook also features an integrated advertising system that makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools for virtually any organization.

While Facebook offers a number of features that make it a great tool, not all organizations take full advantage of these capabilities. To make the most of Facebook advertising, marketers need to stay up-to-date with rollouts of new network features and pay close attention to the audiences they have targeted.

Below are five key tips for formulating the most effective Facebook advertising campaign possible.

  1. Make full use of Audience Insights.

facebook insights
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One of the best tools that Facebook has created for its customers is called Audience Insights. Through this tool, marketers can learn more about the specific audiences they are considering targeting – without risking their budget.

Audience Insights mines data collected on Facebook to give more information about who exactly is interested in an organization based on the people who have liked a business’ account. Marketers formerly had to guess and test when it came to launching campaigns.

Facebook makes it much easier to see exactly who is most likely to follow through on a call to action and make a purchase or sign up for additional information. With this tool, marketers can spend less time narrowing down an audience and more time making sure that the message itself is as convincing as possible.

  1. Create ad landing pages.

Facebook Ads are an excellent resource for reaching potential customers. However, the reality is that these advertisements are not cheap. Companies need to make sure that the clicks they are paying for are worth the investment.

Too often, organizations program an ad click to take individuals to the basic business home page or to a simple product page. This strategy is not effective in winning over new customers who click on an ad to learn more about a product or service, not to conduct their own research about it.

Instead, marketers should create custom landing pages for each advertisement. These landing pages built on the message already sent and give people the information they need to know in an engaging manner.

The next click-through is when the organization should make the call to purchase. If the customer is still there, then a sale is likely at that point.

  1. Think hard about placement.

The Facebook Ads feature allows individuals to customize how an advertisement will appear to customers. Each placement actually changes the message slightly. Design optimization means that the placement works with the overall message.

Ads in the desktop newsfeed are good for general sales and lead generation. They can engage the customer more fully with longer copy.

A desktop column ad has smaller images and less readable text, which makes it cheaper. This placement is best for reengaging customers who already know the brand, since the ad is more likely to catch their eye.

Companies targeting mobile app installs may want to place their ad on the mobile newsfeed. These ads have shorter copy and are often most effective for discovery.

  1. Be bold and distinctive.

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Marketers should think of advertising on Facebook almost as a visual war. People are bombarded with interesting videos, images, and text constantly on the social network. The question is how to stand out among this noise.

Bold images that grab people’s attention are the best way to generate clicks. The image should be true to the organization’s overall brand while being attractive, shocking, or attention-grabbing in some other way.

Marketers should also carefully consider the color scheme and other features, such as visual contrast. Importantly, ads should avoid being overly gimmicky or tacky, as this could turn users off.

Experimentation can help marketers discover exactly what works best. By using different visuals in their various ads and tracking clicks, professionals can see what proves most attractive. The use of Instagram-like filters can make ordinary pictures much more visually appealing.

  1. Capitalize on the power of free.

One of the best ways to catch someone’s attention on Facebook is to use the word “free.” Many organizations shy away from using the word, since they believe doing so will limit their earning potential.

However, offering something for free does not mean giving away a product or service while gaining nothing in return. In fact, there are many ways to capitalize on “free” without jeopardizing revenue.

For example, a great way to generate brand loyalty is to give information away for free. Everyone wants high-quality information, so companies can offer a free e-book on a relevant topic in return for customers joining a mailing list.

Another way to capitalize on free is to increase a customer’s order. For example, customers who buy three products can get a fourth one for free. Organizations may also want to consider offering add-ons for free. By purchasing a product through the link, customers can choose one free accessory.