5 Fresh Ways to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

5 Fresh Ways to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

Gone are the days when simply having a Facebook page for your business was enough to check the “social media marketing” box on your to-do list. The competition for space on customers’ news feeds is tougher than ever, so what’s a business owner to do?

Modern business owners are finding they need a purposeful and innovative approach to their Facebook marketing if they want to succeed. If you want to increase engagement with your followers and get more visibility, try implementing these helpful tips.

  1. Host a contest (with a great prize, of course).

winner medalEveryone loves free things! Hosting a contest with a tempting prize is guaranteed to bring old and new customers and fans out of the woodwork.

When laying down the ground rules for your contest, be clear and concise. For example, what specifically do users need to do in order to enter the contest? Options might include sharing a post, liking a post, commenting, or tagging a friend. You can pick a winner randomly from all participants who enter, or you can have users vote for the winner based on who has the best picture, story, or comment.

Try to make it as easy as possible for people to enter your contest. The easier it is, the more people will enter, and the more visibility you’ll get.

  1. Use compelling, high-quality photos.

In today’s increasingly crowded news feeds, striking visuals are a must. If you have a quality camera, consider taking your own pictures or hiring someone to take them for you. Having original, relevant images is a marketing tool that’s more valuable than you might think.

Always keep your audience in mind. What types of images are they drawn to—something exciting and striking? Or perhaps something more subtly beautiful or low-key? Even the highest-quality photo won’t be helpful if the subject is not relevant to your audience.

If taking your own photos isn’t a feasible option, subscribing to a stock image website can be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Follow social media’s Rule of Thirds.

The social media Rule of Thirds defines what type of social content you should be sharing with your fans and customers. One-third of your content should focus on promoting your business, one-third should focus on social media userrelevant ideas and topics from within your industry, and one-third should focus on creating and building your personal brand.

While most businesses and brands have no problem sharing their own content and advertisements, sharing others’ content and sharing personal stories might not come as easily. Remember that social media marketing is all about association and relationships; don’t be afraid to share content that someone else has created, or share a customer’s story instead of always overtly promoting your brand.

Don’t worry that sharing others’ content will detract from your ability to promote yourself. As long as you mainly stick to the Rule of Thirds, your business will be represented enough.

  1. Collaborate with other people or brands and tag them in your posts.

Being a useful, contributing member of the Facebook community means being timely and collaborative. Whether it’s for a contest, a guest post, or just a related mention, collaboration with industry partners and thought leaders always looks impressive.

Tagging other businesses, brands, or people doesn’t always have to be planned, either. Consider tagging a locally known member of your industry in a thought-provoking post to encourage conversation and interaction.

Just be careful to not be too aggressive in your collaboration. It might seem counterintuitive, but often, the more that businesses try to force engagement, the fewer organic interactions actually occur. Aim at walking the line between being encouraging, but not too pushy or inorganic.

  1. Post frequently—but not too frequently.

You’ve got your Facebook page all set up, and you even have some compelling content and helpful links to share with your fans. But how often should you be posting? A few times a week? Once a day? More?

blogThe social media analytics firm Socialbakers found that posting more frequently does not necessarily increase a business’ ability to reach its desired audience. In fact, Socialbakers found that businesses posting more than two times per day saw decreased response from their audience, while those that posted roughly once a day—that is, five to seven times per week—got the best results.

To keep it simple, posting once a day is an easy and effective rule of thumb. If you can’t quite keep up with daily posts, don’t sweat it. Just don’t go to the other extreme and become an annoyance with multiple posts a day.

Now that you’ve got some new ideas for freshening up your Facebook marketing strategy, don’t waste any time. Get out there and collaborate, share, create, and maybe even host a contest or two. Remember to share relevant content that isn’t your own, include some personal stories, and always keep your audience in mind.